The Queer/Trans Dept. is hungry for work by queer and/or trans artists, work that does work, that works. In particular, this is a place for art that is driven by or attempts to answer questions like: What do queer and trans have to say about this world, and what kinds of worlds do they want to take its place? How do they help us get there? What is want, anyway, what does it do? That is, we have no single aesthetic preference, but are looking to be moved, surprised, undone, opened to something new.

We are also open to essay and art submissions pertaining to this category.

Please submit up to three poems, three pieces of visual art, or one piece of prose in ONE file. All submissions must be previously unpublished. Note that we accept simultaneous submissions. Look to hear back from us in 3-6 months at the very latest.

Should your work be accepted elsewhere, congrats and please withdraw all in the submissions manager and resubmit any remaining.

Finally, please include a brief bio in the comments. Thank you for trusting us with your work.

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