The media often depicts the mentally ill in broad, flat and grotesque caricature. When we look out into the cultural landscape and the only ways we see the mentally ill represented are as people in distress, that’s limiting and hopeless. That’s where you come in. No more broad, invisibilizing strokes. We want your specific, dynamic, and ordinary stories of living with mental illness. Because in truth, we are never simply either well or ill. Let’s break that dichotomy. Instead of two disparate sides, let mental health be a pomegranate split open to reveal infinite dazzling red seeds.

Please send up to 3 unpublished poems in ONE file. Note that we accept simultaneous submissions. Look to hear back from us in 3-6 months at the very latest.

Should your work be accepted elsewhere, congrats and please withdraw all and resubmit in the submissions manager.

And do look at sample work from HEArt's current issue for an idea of what we are looking for. Avoid heavy-handed "preaching to the choir." Our aesthetic is concrete imagery/narrative that has a strong emotional center. Also, please include a brief bio in the comments section. We thank you for bearing witness, telling truths, submitting your work.

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